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Therapist and Teacher


Annie first began her journey in the alternative healing field in 1996 when she discovered Reiki; in 1998 she took a level 1 workshop and that workshop shaped the course of her life, she became qualified in 2000 as a Usui Reiki Master and has been giving treatments and teaching ever since as well as studying with other teachers to improve her own knowledge and practice. 

An avid traveller and student her travels took her to many different countries where she studied many diverse fields from Shamanism to Crystal healing. She has studied Lucid dreaming in Guatemala and has practised Meditation for more than 20 years including  2x 10 day Vipassana courses. Whilst studying in Thailand with Master lee Wie Dee,  Annie studied and worked in the field of Psychometry, Releasing earth bound entities and Pendulum diagnosis.
In 2003 Annie studied and worked as an assistant teacher with Sharat at the Himalayan Yoga Centre in India. She qualified as a Sivananda Yoga Teacher in 2005 and has been teaching on a regular basis since then. Annie is also a qualified yin yoga and womb yoga teacher. Having had many accidents during her younger years, yoga has been key to Annie's rehabilitation, combating chronic back pain and defying doctors who told her she would never be able to lift her right arm above her head with out an operation. She teaches gentle healing classes, that focus on breath and integrating our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves.


Having a Reiki session with Annie is often life changing, highly intuitive and able to commune with guides and spirits she pulls her knowledge  of Reiki, shamanism,crystal healing,soul retrieval and Atlantean healing energies together with her connection to spirit guides, angels and other worldly positive beings to give the client a truly unique healing experience. 

As a therapist she works with love and compassion helping the client to feel relaxed and open, seeking the best ways to achieve their goals. 
As a teacher she guides her students with a patient and understanding attitude, her classes are full of joy and positivity 

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