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Therapies available in person or from a distance


           Animal communication session

During this session I connect to your pet or animal you would like to communicate with. These sessions can be used to find out how your animal friend is doing and feeling about life, also if they are feeling pain or under the weather. However this does not replace veterinary care.  I can also connect with lost pets. There is no guarantee that the animal will want to speak with me , if that happens i will try to communicate with them over time and gain their trust. I send a voice message of what I learnt during the communication, which we can discuss and if any further questions come up I will ask the animal for clarification.



Reiki and Shamanic Healing sessions

These sessions can be conducted in person or from a distance in the comfort of your own home.

During a session I balance the energy centres of your body, remove any energy which is not serving you well, intuitively feel blockages and what might be causing them and then remove them. Cut ties to people or situations that may be draining you. Work with my spirit guides as well as yours to do what ever is needed to help your energy balance and your life flow with more ease. Fill you with a sense of relaxation , joy and excitement and so much more. Each session is different. These sessions are guided by the light with the highest intention of good for you.

After the distant healing, I write up the notes from the session, send to you and then you can ask me any questions you like, tell me your experience etc it can also be done by phone.

45 minutes per session in person 30 minutes online

 online €20

 in person €30



                                      Soul Retrieval 

A soul retrieval is something you only do once or twice in a life time, during the soul retrieval I  journey to the lower and middle worlds to search for parts of your soul that may have left due to trauma, I then bring them back to you, the session takes 30 -45 minutes but the full integration takes about 2 weeks. I only offer soul retrieval to people I have worked with before. So a Reiki treatment with me is a prerequisite as well as a chat, be it in person or on the phone  so that I can explain better about the process and whether its something that would benefit you or not 45 minutes




                                               Hot Stone Massage


Enjoy the healing properties of the basalt stones and the feeling of being cared for with a gentle massage that will leave you feeling divine.



                                            Private Yoga class

                                              Tailored to your needs in person or online €20 per hour 

                      Yoga classes @ Quinta Das Cegonhas


          Monday and Thursdays 9am-10am , beginners welcome, drop in class €5 run all year. 

                            Somatic Movement class

                      by donation online 

An exploration of movement  as a meditation. Suitable for everyone even those with chronic pain. Helps to bring ease and relieve pain



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