Juice, smoothie and fruit detox at Honey House


Join us at Honey House for a 7 or 10 day detox. We provide Green juices, fruit smoothies and fruit. We believe giving the body a break from daily life helps to bring about a more healthy and vibrant you.  It’s a good opportunity to give up smoking, coffee, meat, dairy and/or unhealthy eating and drinking habits. 


During the detox we do a gentle somatic yoga practice suitable for beginners and enjoyable guided meditations as well as other meditation techniques to help support your healing and transition to a healthier lifestyle. There are guided walks and visits to local places of interest.

During the day, you are welcome to enjoy hanging out in nature, go for walks in the surrounding countryside, or just relax in one of our hammocks.  One afternoon we will visit the local river beach, where you can swim in beautiful clear waters surrounded by nature.

All ingredients are made from in season organic fruit and vegetables.

Our place is not a luxury retreat and our prices reflect this. We want to be able to offer everyone the opportunity to experience fasting and the health benefits it brings. Accommodation is in bell tents, a caravan, a cabin and rooms. Unless travelling with a friend or partner the accommodation is private, this gives you the privacy you need as you process things that come up during the fast. Detoxing is not always a blissful experience, as you begin to detox you can experience physical as well as mental, emotional and spiritual issues. We will be there to support you through this process and by the end of the fast you will feel better for these days you have gifted to yourself.

Our toilets are compost, our showers are in an outside building, our communal areas are rustic and we have animals. For some we are heaven and for others a nightmare, so please be true to yourself about the level of creature comforts you need, before booking with us just because we are cheaper than other retreats. If you are not an outdoors, camping, animal loving kind of person you will probably leave within 24 hours, however if you fit the description, I am sure you will visit us more than once as many have done.

If you have any medical issues known or suspected please consult with a doctor first to see if it is safe for you to fast. Also if you are on medication which is crucial to your well being, as we are not and do not have a registered doctor or nurse onsite, we suggest you apply to a fasting program that does.


08.00 - Wake-up - Lemon tea

08.30 -  Beginners Hatha yoga 

09.45 - smoothie & Fruit

 Free time for therapies and relaxing

​13.30 - Smoothie & fruit

           Optional trip or walk

​19.30 - Juice and Fruit

22.00 - Dream time lights out 

Guided walks, meditation classes , Swimming river, dog shelter visit and wildlife rehabilitation visit are at changeable times through the week. On arrival you will be given the itinerary for that week.


Single Bell tent for 1 person  

3 metre Bell tent with a single bed

             7 day- 400 Euros 



Private room 1 person 

Private room with double or single bed depending on availability,

Bathroom is not on the same floor

                7 day- €400


Private Caravan 1 person 

Double bed, seating area, light

               7 day - €400


Private Wooden Cabin

    Single bed, balcony, light, usb charger

             7 day - €400


Shared Twin room 2 people 

Two single beds, toilet is not on the same floor

              7 day - €700 



At casa do Pai (only available on winter retreats)

Double room with bathroom

                 7 day pp-  €550

Double room with shared bathroom

pp €500


Package includes - Accommodation, food (fruit), Daily Beginners  Hatha yoga with meditation, guided walks, 1 x free reiki treatment, Organic Juices/smoothies,  Herbal Teas, One Reiki session, pick up and drop off to the local bus or train station, Guided walks, meditation classes , Swimming river, dog shelter visit and wildlife rehabilitation visit are at changeable times through the week. On arrival you will be given the itinerary for that week.

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For more information on preparation before the detox, what to bring and after the fast care, as well as any other questions you might have please get in touch via our email, whatsapp or phone