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   Comments, Reviews and Guest Book 2017/18

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Reviews from Airbnb 2017

We had a lovely time at Honey House - all three children adored playing with the animals and swimming in the natural pond. It was wonderful to camp but not have to cook. The vegan meals were delicious. I recommend this place.

August 2017 Georgia Marnham

Return to the basics and enjoy your stay in this eco-veagan retreat. Time stood still here and it's a Wonderful thing!

July 2017 Vera Vertessen

Hard to decide where should I start from, and even harder to express it in words, but I will try. It's a place in planet earth which seems billions year lights away (Or maybe this is how the real Earth is feeling like?). As a Vegan / Vegetarian family we found this place accidentally by the title in airbnb, which was nice as Vegan and Vegetarian out of the big cities in Portugal is far from being common. But few minutes after we arrived we knew this place has so much more to offer than Vegan food (Which turned out to be amazingly tasty, really varied, nourishing and satisfying - better than any restaurant): Nature - A big natural pool for the hot days, being surrounded by mountains and greenery, stream with fresh cold real mineral water that you can drink, better than any bottled water, and Animals - Chickens, Horses, Dogs, Cats so calm and live free life, peacefully with each other in an Idyllic and even Utopian way. You are going to ask yourself at least few times: Is it real? Am I dreaming? Do I really see unicorns there? Accommodation - We stayed in a beautiful and full of character van with huge bed for us and another bed for our daughter. Our 3.5 years daughter had such a wonderful time, although she used to be surrounded by other kids, she was hypnotized by all she had around - the pool and water she can drink from and play for hours, the animals, the open nature space she can go and try and travel. And of course Anne and Adam which created this paradise and gave us all the freedom we needed and on the other hand helped with everything we needed. Or maybe is was just my dream? Go there if your heart is telling you so and let me know :-)

June 2017  Oriel Borer

Staying at Annabel & Adam's Honey House was an absolute treat. We planned on staying just a quick night but didn't want to leave after just one because of the wonderful people, the amazing food and the stunning scenery. There would be only one reason to not go to Annabel and Adam if you find yourself in this part of Portugal and that's when you're not the outdoor type. But if you like nature, great (vegan) food and good hosts you owe it to yourself to book a night at the Honey House.

 As I breathe in the birdsong And breathe out what out must come I feel peace of mind for my mind in pieces and leave my thoughts for the dogs on the ground while I wander 'round as the sun lies down. Time takes no hold here, it's never cold here and the chickens feed on feelings of lost evenings that we don't see because we're breathing and we're free. Now I've been vegan for a day But relaxed for an age In the Honey House Gardens A piece of home, far away. Thanks again! We absolutely loved it :)

June 2017 

Martijn De Frankrijker

A very powerful and magic location, warm and helpful hosts! The dinner was one of the best vegan meals we've ever had! Our little son (11 months) has discovered the nature - it was a very imposant journey for him. Thank you so much

 June 2017 Björn Handel

Honey House farm is beautiful in itself and close to the mountains of Serra Da Estrela where we went for a walk. Vegan breakfasts and dinners are delicious, huge and great value. We stayed in the caravan which was warm and cosy at night and in the rain, and shaded from the hot sun too. A relaxing yoga lesson with Annabel on our last morning surrounded by singing birds was heaven. Annabel, Adam, Jenny, all the animals and landscape are what makes this place so special. Thank you again, wish we had longer. I'm sure we'll be back.

May 2017 Matilda Morris

Annie& Adams honey house is one of the most beautiful accommodations we've ever been! With a lot of nature, friendly horses, cats & dogs and of course very polite hosts :-) Adam is a great chef, his meal was a real pleasure :-)! Annie gave us some yoga lessons every morning - so we started with a good feeling in each day. It was no Problem to get here, the hosts picked us up from the trainstation. We had a very great time, thanks Adam&Annie!

April 2017 Jennifer Weigt

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