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The Sheiling, Walberswick, suffolk, England

During the months of November, January, February and March we run Reiki and Detox Juicing retreats at the Sheiling. The Sheiling is a seaside cottage that sleeps 6 guests comfortably. It is situated in the quiet and quaint  village of Walberswick. The cottage is a 10 minute walk from the beach, whilst the nature reserve is just a few steps from the door. 

The cottage is simple but cosy. It is not a luxury retreat centre but a homely place for you to retreat to from everyday life for a few days. There are 4 bedrooms one with private wc,  and 2 shared bathrooms. 

The nearest train station is Darsham, which is 7 miles (12 minute drive) from the cottage.

For more details about Walberwick please follow this link
and to see more info on the cottage we will be staying in please follow this link.


Double Room

Large double bed, shared bathroom

Twin Room 1

2 x single beds. Shared bathroom on same level

Twin Room 2

2x single beds

bathroom on same level

Box Room

Very small room, coldest room in the house. Single bed. Attached private toilet and wash basin room.

                    Retreats at The Sheiling

We run 4 night organic Juice fasts and 3 night Reiki Level 1, 2 &3 retreats. 

Details below

Juice detox retreats

We believe giving the body a break from daily life and food helps to bring about a more healthy and vibrant you. It’s a good opportunity to give up smoking, coffee, meat, dairy and/or unhealthy eating and drinking habits. During the fast we do gentle yoga practices suitable for beginners and enjoyable guided meditations to help support you in relaxing, healing and transitioning to a healthier lifestyle.
Please note this is not a luxury retreat and our prices reflect this. Things are not perfect, the accommodation is comfortable and warm but a little frayed around the edges, so if you are looking for somewhere to feel at home, to just be you, with no pretenses then this might just be the retreat for you, if you are looking for a perfectly oiled high end retreat it most definitely is not. The juices are all organic, where possible using locally grown fruit and vegetables.

18.00 Arrival
19.30 Juice
20.00 Gentle yin yoga class followed by yoga Nidra
22.00 Bed time

Wake up - warm water and lemon
9.00 Hatha yoga
10.30 Juice
11.00 Guided walk
14.00 Juice
Free time
17.45 juice
18.00 Yin Yoga
19.15 Broth
22.00 Bed time

Wake up - warm lemon water
8.00 Hatha Yoga
9.30 Juice
11.00 check out

All Yoga classes are optional
You can go for beach walks, explore the nature reserve, sit around the fire, read books, chat and be cosy, there is a free 45 minute reiki treatment included in the package. If you need quite time you can retreat to your room. What ever you need to do (except eat) to make this juice fast the best it can be for you we will try to support as best we can. Everything is optional.

Single bed in twin shared room - £300
Private room with double bed 1 person - £400
Private room with double bed 2 people- £600

A non refundable deposit of 20% is needed to confirm your place, please email for payment details.



Reiki means universal energy or spirit energy, it is drawn through the practitioner, who works as a channel for the energy to pass through.
Reiki is a method of natural healing that works to put the mind and body at ease and so participate in its own recovery. Reiki treatments help to relieve stress and pain both at a physical and emotional level, restoring a sense of balance and well-being.
Reiki is a wonderful gift that everyone can learn. It is gentle, life-affirming, practical and non-invasive. Reiki will help you restore a sense of balance to yourself, to loved ones, friends, animals, plants and the environment around you. Reiki also helps you connect with your higher self, guides and angels. It helps to improve intuition and self love. It is a wonderful doorway into living a love & compassion filled life.

In First Degree training, you will be taught the general principles of Reiki and become familiarised with its history and roots. You will also receive Reiki “attunements”. These attunements are focused on opening up the physical, mental & spiritual bodies so as to allow help them attune to the Reiki energy/vibration, therefore raising the students vibration.
Through enjoyable exercises, guided meditations and practice you will learn how to feel energy and be taught how to give a treatment, firstly to yourself and secondly to other people. This part of the course assists the integration of the energy and gives you the tools to become a Reiki Practitioner. We also explore the use of a Pendulum and crystals during treatments.


The Level 2 attunement strengthens Reiki energy. Level 2 empowers the student with the first 3 symbols of Reiki and teaches their meaning. Through these symbols a student is able to request Reiki to guide certain types of subtle energy to a recipient. The student will also learn how to send distance healing across space and time. As in Level 1 training, the class includes theory and practice with time to discuss concepts, meditation exercises and practice time to try Reiki on yourself and others in the class.
We also explore the use of a Pendulum and crystals during treatments. There is space for discussion and classes to take un expected routes depending on the group and what comes up. So you will learn everything included on a normal Reiki 2 course plus a whole load more that will just be spontaneous.
(max group size 6 for all classes)
The cottage is comfy, warm and cosy, but a little frayed around the edges. This is not a luxury retreat in a country home, but a basic stay in a little cottage near the sea. The beach is a 10 minute walk away and there is a little village shop, 2 pubs and 2 cafes in the village for lunch or dinner or you could visit Southwold and its many eateries, plus there is the possibility to cook (Vegan only) food in the fully equipped kitchen.
The teaching is from 10.00 - 5.30 each day with 1.5 hrs for lunch
Optional yoga classes each morning 8am-9am
Twin Shared room £195
Private room £250
Double room (2 people) £ 390
Includes - Accommodation, vegan breakfast, work book and pendulum.
Day student £110
Includes- workbook and pendulum